Truck kills pedestrian in Lagos Open

Category: Vehicle Accident
Time: 27 Mar 24, 02:11PM
Address: 1 Charity Rd, Abule Egba, Lagos 102213, Lagos, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

A tragic incident unfolded in Lagos State's Abule-Egba area on Monday as an unidentified woman met a fatal end beneath the wheels of a cement mixer truck. The spokesperson for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Adebayo Taofiq, confirmed the grim occurrence. According to Taofiq, initial investigations indicated that the truck, hurtling at high speed, succumbed to brake failure, leading to the loss of control. In a desperate attempt to avert further catastrophe, the driver veered toward a drainage channel, inadvertently trapping the hapless victim underneath the massive vehicle. Efforts to extricate the victim were promptly initiated by LASTMA officials, who, with assistance from bystanders, managed to retrieve the body from beneath the Dangote truck. The scene was swiftly secured by law enforcement personnel from the Oko-Oba Police Station, ensuring the safety of all involved in the rescue operation.

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