Young man stab to death in Angola Open

Category: Murder
Time: 26 Mar 24, 12:33PM
Address: VQ5F+J2 Golungo Alto, Angola
Source: Anonymous

DIIP spokesperson, intendant Quintino Ferreira, explained that the deceased Domingos de Oliveira, 49 years old, and his nephew got into disagreements due to a dispute over land in which they both had an interest, located in the municipality of Golungo Alto. The crime, he said, occurred in the Cacanga sector, in a thicket on the Camiembi farm, where, during the argument, the young man struck his nephew 27 times, in various parts of the body. As there was no understanding between the two, according to Quintino Ferreira, the killer arranged an ambush, on the path where the victim usually passed to extract maruvo from the palm trees, having attacked him in the rear with a knife. The blunt object was seized and the young man will be sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office for subsequent proceedings.

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