Five dead, four injured in a vehicle accident that occurred in Luanda Angola Open

Category: Vehicle Accident
Time: 26 Mar 24, 12:31PM
Address: R. Rainha Ginga 15, Luanda, Angola
Source: Anonymous

According to a source from Angola-Online, the death toll has risen to five deaths, four other people are hospitalized as a result of a huge car accident, on Estrada Nacional 230, next to the SGT pedestrian crossing, in the municipality of Viana, in Luanda, caused by a runaway mini bus on Thursday afternoon. The dead, who appear to be between 27 and 28 years old, were not showing documents, which is why they were not identified, but they are zungueiras who were selling in the vicinity and people who were waiting for a taxi. Police spokesman in Luanda, chief superintendent Nestor Goubel said that the accident was caused by a crash followed by a collision with a garbage container, which culminated in the run over of 13 citizens, followed by the truck overturning.

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