151 homes submerged in Lagos flood Open

Category: Warning- Flood
Time: 21 Feb 24, 07:23AM
Address: 30-26 Baale St, Ipaja, Lagos 102213, Lagos, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

Residents of Ayobo in Lagos experienced a dire situation when heavy rainfall caused the Marwa Bridge to collapse, leading to flooding in their homes on Tuesday, February 20. This incident resulted in individuals, including schoolchildren and commuters, falling into the water. Prompt action was taken by fellow divers to rescue those affected by the flood, while emergency services like Fire Services, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and police quickly arrived at the scene to prevent chaos and manage the emerging crisis. Apart from the bridge collapse, many houses and vehicles in areas like Isale Aboru, Oke Ishagun, Ikola, Makinde Street, Olubodun Majiyagbe-Ajayi, Adeola Street, and Olokowo Street were also submerged, forcing residents to evacuate to avoid drowning.

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