Robbery victim dies from stab wounds after killing alleged attacker, Guyana Open

Category: Robbery
Time: 19 Dec 23, 01:23PM
Address: R4W8+GW Enmore, Guyana
Source: Anonymous

A party in the East Coast Demerara village of Victoria ended tragically early Sunday morning after two men lost their lives in a cutlass attack. Police are investigating the two murders. The two dead men have been identified as 24-year-old Yoffi Bobb and 26-year-old William Montrose. According to a Police statement, William Montrose was at the party when he was attacked by the other man Yoffi Bobb and two others and was robbed of his gold chain. During the robbery at the event, Montrose was stabbed to his body. Eyewitnesses said the injured robbery victim, William Montrose, left the party, but returned moments later with a cutlass and attacked the man who robbed him, and his two accomplices, chopping them repeatedly to their bodies. The three persons, Yoffi Bobb, Delex Skeete and Siyani McFarlene, were all rushed to the hospital. As investigators launched their probe, they found the body of the robbery victim who carried out the attack on the three perpetrators, William Montrose. The body was found in a trench about 500 feet from the scene of the crime. It is believed that after attacking the three men who robbed him, Montrose ran from the scene but collapsed and died from the injuries he sustained earlier when the men attacked and robbed him of his jewellery.

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