Alleged Motorcycle thieves die in accident in Guyana Open

Category: Vehicle Accident
Time: 17 Dec 23, 02:03PM
Address: PR75+7GP Diamond Diagnostic Center, E Bank Public Rd, Nismes, Guyana
Source: Anonymous

Two men lost their lives in an accident on Thursday night along the Diamond Access Road, moments after they allegedly stole a motorcycle and were making their escape. The incident took place at around 11:20pm. A Police report stated that the owner of the motorcycle, who is a security guard, had just parked the bike to make a purchase from a shop, when the two men snatched it and sped away. The two were speeding along the Diamond Access Road with the stolen bike when in an attempt to overtake a truck, the bike connected with the back of the truck, pitching both the rider and the pillion rider onto the roadway. An ambulance was summoned as both men suffered multiple injuries to their bodies. The two were identified as Mark Green and Ashton McCurdy. They were both rushed to the Diamond Hospital, where McCurdy was pronounced dead on arrival, while Green died while being treated.

No Logs Found..