Man beaten to death by neighbors in Bengo Angola Open

Category: Murder
Time: 13 Oct 23, 03:44PM
Address: CM94+4J Caxito, Angola
Source: Anonymous

A man in the province of Bengo was fatally beaten by three neighbors after he refused to give cornmeal to one of them when he was preparing his meal. The crime occurred this Wednesday, in the municipality of Dande, when individuals, aged between 23 and 36, went to the victim's residence to ask for cornmeal, according to the Ministry of the Interior delegation in Bengo. There they found the victim making dinner and asked for cornmeal, but the man said he didn't have any, which led to an argument between the three. During the confusion, one of the accused, using a stick, struck his neighbor in the skull, causing serious injuries that ended up killing him.

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