Terrorist kill 15 abduct 32 in southern Kaduna Open

Category: Violent Attacks
Time: 16 Sep 23, 01:58PM
Address: 8MFM+P8 Kauru, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

At least 15 individuals lost their lives in a recent assault carried out by insurgents, referred to locally as bandits and armed herdsmen, in the village of Dogon Nama, situated in the Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Several others were said to have sustained injuries from gunshots while about 32 villagers were taken away by the gunmen. The incident, according to a resident of the community, took place around 7 a.m on Friday. He said the attackers who were communicating with one another in Fulani language invaded the villages and fired gunshots indiscriminately, killing many and leaving others injured.

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