Flood sweeps away mechanic in Anambra Open

Category: Warning- Flood
Time: 04 Sep 23, 09:59AM
Address: 5XMR+CQF, 421101, Abagana, Anambra, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

The lifeless body of a middle-aged man has been found at Ogbujilekwe along the Nimo-Neni Road in Anambra State. The man, who was identified as a vehicle repairer (mechanic), was reportedly swept away by flood at Oye Nimo market in Njikoka Local Government Area. The deceased fell into a deep drainage when it was raining cat and dog, while the heavy flood immediately zoomed off with him. His family, thereafter, launched an intensive search for him. However, days after the intensive search, his body was later discovered and recovered in another community, where the flood eventually dumped him.

No Logs Found..