Choir member fatally shot during service in Edo Open

Category: Murder
Time: 11 Mar 24, 02:56PM
Address: 28 GRA, Old Market Road, Ekiadoro 302116, Edo, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

In a harrowing incident last Sunday, a church choir member was tragically killed at a Pentecostal church in Edo State, causing widespread grief and disbelief among the local community. The victim, known as Success, was part of the church's choir and was attacked around 8 am during the early morning Sunday school session. Eyewitness reports indicate that a group of unidentified individuals stormed the church premises and singled out Success as he momentarily stepped outside to answer a phone call. The assailants quickly overpowered him, and amidst the ensuing struggle, Success was shot and killed. The attackers then seized his mobile phone and escaped from the scene, leaving behind a scene of chaos and shock. Efforts to save the young choir member were in vain, as he was declared deceased upon arrival at a nearby hospital. The State Police Command has acknowledged the incident and is actively investigating to uncover the motives behind this heinous act and to locate those responsible.

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