Tragedy averted as fully loaded tanker falls in Ogun Open

Category: Fallen Tanker
Time: 11 Jan 24, 03:54PM
Address: M6GV+CCW, Old Otta Rd, Ota 112104, Ogun State, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

The incident happened at about 2:56 a.m. according to Mr. Adekunle Ajibade, the South-West Area Commander of TRACE, who spoke on Thursday in Ota. According to Ajibade, the tanker from Lagos slid backwards as it ascended a slope and landed on its side near Akeja Road. He claimed that a technical malfunction caused the disaster, but he did not say that any lives were lost in the tragic event. "We are pleading with tanker owners to make sure that their vehicles are in good order and properly maintained before putting them on the road," he added, thanking God that no lives or property were lost in the event. According to him, there was severe traffic congestion since the tanker completely blocked the access routes, both incoming and outbound. In order to preserve order in the axis, Ajibade said, representatives from TRACE, the police, NUPENG, and the fire services were there.

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