Teen miner dies after stabbing at Mazaruni bar Guyana Open

Category: Murder
Time: 09 Nov 23, 02:53PM
Address: RW97+68 Better Hope, Guyana
Source: Anonymous

The teenage miner died early this morning after being stabbed during a row over a dance at a bar. The Police have identified the teen as Raymond Cozier. According to the Police report, Cozier was at a bar at around 1:30 this morning when he started to dance with a woman who was at the bar. Another miner demanded a dance with the same woman, but when the 16-year-old refused to step aside, the two got into a fight and the unidentified man whipped out a knife and stabbed the teen to his upper arm. The teen who suffered severe blood loss as a result of the stab wound, was rushed to the Issano Health Centre, but passed away while being treated. Police investigators have been combing through the community where the incident occurred in their search for the suspect.

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