Charlestown fire leaves 15 homeless in Guyana Open

Category: Fire
Time: 05 Oct 23, 12:56PM
Address: RR2M+HW2, Howes St, Georgetown, Guyana
Source: Anonymous

Fifteen persons who lived in a 3-story Howes Street, Charlestown building have been left homeless following a Wednesday night fire that ripped through the apartment building, completely gutting it. Screams that there was a fire on the top floor of the building were heard just after 6:30pm on Wednesday. As persons rushed to get everyone out of the building, the Fire Service was contacted. Within minutes, the fire quickly engulfed the top floor of the mostly wooden building as the Fire Service arrived. Firemen faced some difficulty in attaching their equipment to a hydrant that was located directly in front of the building and were eventually forced to access water through another hydrant located at the other end of the street. A woman who lived on the second floor said she was forced to grab as much as she could save and run to safety. She said from all appearances, the fire was electrical in origin. She also said she believed the Fire Service could have done more to save the building.

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