Flood submerge houses, destroy properties in Lagos Open

Category: Warning- Flood
Time: 16 Sep 23, 02:12PM
Address: 130 Olojo Drive, Ojo 102113, Lagos, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

Residents in different parts of Lagos are lamenting the devastating impact of the early morning rain on their houses. Flooding caused by the heavy rainfall has submerged a number of houses in the affected areas. Oko-baba in Agege, Egbede, Ikotun, Ajegunle, and Ojo were among the worst hit areas as the flood swept through streets and houses. Residents were seen bailing out water from taking over their houses. The floodwater covered many houses in Ijanikin, Alaba International market area, Ajangbadi and Etegbi, all in Ojo. Water also overflowed most drainage channels in the affected areas and escaped into houses. In some neighbourhoods, it destroyed fences and gates.

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