Man shot dead famous photographer Tervelle Gabriel at home Guyana. Open

Category: Murder
Time: 10 Nov 21, 12:15PM
Address: Balata 2000, Route de L'est, Matoury, French Guiana
Source: Anonymous

A gunman shot dead a famous photographer at his home. As per reports, Tervelle Gabriel was resting on his couch when an armed man entered his Balata home, shooting him three times before making his exit. The incident happened after Gabriel finished dinner with his father and was resting on the couch. He was rushed to OKEU hospital, where the doctor pronounced him brought dead. The 23-year-old photographer was renowned for his aesthetic skills and was quite famous for his work. The brutal murder left everyone in shock, and thousands of people are sending condolences to his family in the tough times.

No Logs Found..