Two LAWMA officers crushed to death in Abule-Egba Open

Category: Vehicle Accident
Time: 30 Jul 21, 06:37PM
Address: Abule Egba Bridge, Charity Road, Lagos, Nigeria
Source: Anonymous

Two female highway sweepers in the employ of the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) were killed at Abule-Egba area of the state. The sweepers lost their lives on duty at around the Abule-Egba jubilee bridge when a fast moving vehicle knocked them down at high speed. Though one of them reportedly died instantly as her head was smashed, the second victim, whose legs were broken, was left to groan without attention, before she was eventually taken to an undisclosed hospital at Ile-Epo, where she later died. The accident led to traffic gridlock on the axis, as crowd blocked the bridge and the road inward Oshodi in solidarity with the victims.

No Logs Found..